Summer Is Ours!

Be Healthy! Be Happy!

First Time Exercising? No Problem!

Whether you haven’t exercised in a while or never at all, it’s never too late to try and get fit! Sometimes it is better to exercise with a lot of people, sometimes it is better to exercise alone. Either way is okay!

Here’s how to start:

  1. Develop a realistic goal. It is much better to start off with a small goal and gradually adding to what we want to accomplish. (ex: goal: lose 23 pounds. 1st month = 5 pounds, 2nd month = 6 pounds)
  2. Address your obstacles. Whether we are taking some summer classes or going to another state, there’s always a way to solve it. Try listing down all the things you are going to during the summer; maybe list certain times you have to do it, then try to squeeze in “exercising”.
  3. Start off slow. It’s true. Some people get injured when they exercise. If you experience chest pains, dizziness, etc. then you should stop right away. It is not normal or healthy to feel like that while you are doing physical activities. Don’t beat yourself up if you only did 5 minutes or 10. Every minute counts!
  4. Do what you like. You don’t need membership to a gym to do your exercises, even though it helps. You can get active by watching workout videos (Slim in 6, Insanity…), walking, dancing, sports (basketball, baseball…) etc. As long as you are active, you are one step closer to be more healthier.
  5. Dress to Success. You don’t need to buy expensive workout gears. You can simply by a tank and workout shorts at Wal-Mart. Ladies: you might need to buy some sport bras that are well fitted for you, at least enough to exercise. As for some workout shoes, don’t go buy branded shoes. There are some tennis shoes at your local stores that would be just fine!
Everyone is different in their own way. Some prefer to do things traditionally (running, jogging…) and others would like to try new things (dance, aerobic…). There’s no limit to how many different types of exercises you can try or do, as long as you are committed.
Good Luck!
successful people final(3)
Everything takes TIME. Put EFFORT and WORK HARD.

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