Summer Is Ours!

Be Healthy! Be Happy!


What is this?

  • A boot camp that is made to help everyone get fit and be more active. Not only this boot camp will help you regulate your fitness activities but also regulate a healthier lifestyle.
  • It gives yourself a chance to get the body you always wanted.
  • Relieves STRESS and PRESSURE.
  • Our bodies had taken care of us, now it’s time for us to take care of them.


  1. STAY POSITIVE. Positive thinkers always have good things coming their way.
  2. DO NOT COMPLAIN. Complaining won’t burn your calories, working out will.
  3. LOVE YOURSELF BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE. It’s time you treat yourself the way you want to be treated.
  4. DO NOT GIVE UP. No. Not going to happen. It is all MENTAL. You came TOO FAR to throw away all of your efforts.
  5. DEDICATE YOURSELF. Be committed to the schedule(s).
  6. THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE. You girls want to wear bathing suits and you guys want to show off your body to the ladies. Do this for yourself!
  7. BE STRONG. It is really hard but if you Believe + Have Will + Work Hard = everything will Pay Off.
  8. 3R’S: RESPECT, RESPONSIBLE AND REACH. Be respectful to everyone; be responsible for your own actions; always reach higher than others!

Those that violate the rules above will:

1.   Do double the workout (time of workout, etc.)

2.   Write a page of what they will do the next time they feel that way


3.   Treat everyone out to eat!


A week after graduation on Monday, June 17, is when the boot camp is going to be in session.

  • 5 “Exercising” Days
  • 2 “Rest” Days
  • 6 “Healthy” Days
  • 1 “Cheat” Day!

If there is ANY questions, please text me or inbox me on Facebook. For those that do want to join please text or inbox me your e-mail address and once I add you, confirm in your e-mail you have provided and make an account with

Thank you 🙂


Ladies, please go buy some (if needed) sports bra. I guaranteed it will us.

images (8)


Gentlemen I know most of you guys already have workout clothes but make sure ya’ll stick check to make sure.



I suggest getting a notebook or a composition to track your progress, food you intake and etc. Don’t lie because  it would get you further away from your goals. Trust me, I know.

Good Luck!


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