Summer Is Ours!

Be Healthy! Be Happy!


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Hey you guys!

To those that are following this blog, you guys made my day! Thank you!

And to the rest, please look this blog through 🙂

Well, I guess you guys are wondering: “Why don’t you have new posts?” “Why is it taking so long to start?” etc.

Some of my friends and family members are not quite ready since our graduation was yesterday! Yes! Class of 2013! So please be patient. On the “About” page I had highlighted or emphasized on the start date: Monday, June 17. 

More posts will be added next week!

Thank you! ❤


Author: helennguyen2013

Hey everyone! How are guys doing? To make a long story short, I created this blog for my friends to catch up on their health and fitness. Basically, all we are going to do is collaborate with one another to get the body they want and deserve. Committing yourself to being active and healthy is possible but also difficult. This blog will give you information you need on different diets, tips and exercises. Good Luck!

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